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    Kaiping YIEN Kitchen and Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd and ORUOKA kitchen sink was established in 2005, and the 10,000 square meter new workshop were completed in 2017. Manufacturing and exporting stainless steel kitchen sink to over 20 countries and areas. We have our own showroom which exhibiting the full range of our product. We invented 'Micro Brushed Satin' finishing and 'Multiple hydraulic pressure and treatment processes' had ensure our high quality output and can compete with other manufacturer. Meanwhile, we have ability to provide OEM/ODM sample or product as per the client's specification.


    We use brand new stainless steel SUS 304-2B (18-20% chromium 8-10% nickel) lay with 5cc blue protect sheet to ensure every output is near to the perfect. (Its Cr2O3 is highly anti corrosive. Ni is harder than Cr and steel, and naturally has bright gloss and anti corrosive feature. Cr and Ni make the SUS 304 more flexible when compress but more tough after the finishing. 2B is the surface finishing type of SUS304 sheet roll, which is the best type for after polish process.)



 ‘Multiple hydraulic pressure and heat treatment processes’ had ensured our high quality output. (More processes offer only on site)



     Oruoka R & D department, in charge of the mold maintenance and new mold invention.

     Oruoka mold warehouse, supporting our production line to switch different type of design at any time.


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