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Top mount sinks installation instructions


Important: the installer maintains responsibility for installing the sink safely.


l  Step1: create a cutout template

Measure and mark the centerline of the sink position and alignment with cabinet and countertop.

To create a template, place the sink upside down on the countertop and draw around it with a pencil to make the sink outline. Remove the sink. Draw another line5/8”(15mm)inside the sink outline. And this line will be the sink cutout line.



l  Step2: make the sink cutout.

Drill a 3/8” (10mm) diameter hole on the inside of the cutout line. Insert the saw blade into the hole and cut along the cutout line to create a precise opening on your countertop.

Trim and smooth the edge of the opening with sandpaper.


l  Step3: in stall the top mount sink

Insert the sink into the opening and examine the fit. Make sure the sink is aligned with the opening and is well supported by the countertop. Remove the sink and adjust the opening if necessary. If your sink comes ready to receive the faucet, install the faucet and drain now.

Clean the countertop with denatured alcohol apply a 1/8”(3.2mm)to 1/4”(6.4mm)bead of silicone sealant all the way along the outside of the opening without missing any area.

To install the sink first insert the sink into the opening by attaching the bottom rim of the sink to the countertop. Make sure the rim sits on and covers the silicone sealant. Then, place the sin completely into the opening and make sure the sink fits properly to the countertop. Verify the sink is level both front to back and left to right. Immediately wipe away and excess sealant with a damp cloth.

l  Step4: install the mounting clips

Hook the mounting clips from the underside of the sin k onto the lip on the back of the sink rim. Tighten the screws to pull the sink down tight against the countertop. Do not over tighten.

Note: tightening the mounting clips may cause the silicone sealant to squeeze out from under the sink lop. Wipe away the excess sealant with a damp cloth.